Mario Barrenechea

Research Professional About Me Music Listening Seminar

Aside from my work, I'm an avid musician.

There's nothing else quite like a universal language that strangers can connect and create sounds to reflect on human emotion, art, and society. For hundreds of years, musicians have made their marks codifying the threads of their times through organized and harmonious compositions. I like to go back and revisit the musical eras that helped shape the attitudes that were prevalent during the times of war, renaissance, and discovery.

Recording drums with my band "Viada" (left), performing with Viada (middle), and my drum set in CO (right).

But then I also put on my analytical hat and ask, "well, what had been the reasons for why music was created and how have they changed throughout the industrialization and (now) globalization of our times?" Certainly there's a reason for the increased pace in the fragmentation of musical "genres" or categories of music we hear on the radio or on YouTube commercials; has technology adoption driven this splintering effect, where we don't yet know the difference between "dubstep" and "dub", or are musicians pushing for further modes of expression to capture the times?